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My Travel Journey

Thought it would be fun to keep track of where I have traveled to¬†since starting this blog. I have to go back in and add stuff, but this is a list so far…


* Saw my first New York Yankees game.
* Saw my first New York Cosmos game.
* Visited Niagara Falls (the New York side). (Parks Passport Stamp)
* Visited The Grand Canyon (Parks Passport Stamp)
* Visited Las Vegas, Nevada
* more coming…


* Saw Garth Brooks in concert, 2/26/16
* Visited Worcester, Massachusetts (for the concert)
* Visited the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts (Parks Passport Stamp), 2/27/16
* Visited the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame 2/27/16
* Visited the Statue of Liberty, 3/4/16
* Visited Ellis Island in New York,3/4/16

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